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Melchionna, PLLC is a US based law firm with its principal office located in New York City. 

The law firm provides corporate, business, commercial, tax, and intellectual property legal services to American and European clients with both domestic and international interests. 

Melchionna, PLLC offers “inbound” legal services to European corporate clients looking for a soft landing when investing into the US market. Concurrently, we provide advice to American companies when they plan to enter to European jurisdiction. 



The Food Safety Modernization Act, FSMA

The FSMA gives the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) authority to regulate food grown, harvested, or processed in the US or elsewhere. The FDA has the duty to better protect public health preventing ex ante rather than curing ex post stronger control over the manufacturing process. The FSMA reregulated the role that the FDA plays, awarding it with new authority which includes the right to issue a mandatory recall (when and if the manufacturer or importer fails to conduct a voluntary recall) and the right to detain articles of food that they have reason to believe are adulterated or misbranded. 

The Act is organized into three areas: (a) Preventive Control; (b) Foreign Supplier Verification Program; (c) Accredited Third Party Certification.

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